Amphora Best Workplace For Change and Transformation


Amphora has been highly commended by The Financial Technologist for Change and Transformation.

This is seen from a people-first perspective at Amphora, championing a view that it is fundamentally the people that drive business success. Everyone at Amphora wants to work in an environment that is transformative and collaborative, and engage in work that is bettering the opportunities offered in the change and transformation space.

Amphora’s CTO, Sajindra Jayasena, “Investment in training and mentoring with on-the-job knowledge enhancement is key for us. In an ever-changing and competitive technology landscape, delivering to volatile commodity and energy market, the knowledge we possess can become obsolete really quickly.

Hence one of the key focus areas has been investment on training to enable new technology and product adoption, in-project mentoring enabling engineers to quickly ramp and start delivering. Being a software company, its essential to provide the culture and organisation to grow, transform and enhance to our main asset – the employees, in order to achieve organisational and commercial success.”