Freight manager

Symphony Freight is the most technologically advanced freight trading software on the market today, and entirely integrated with Symphony CTRM. It is a full maritime transportation management system, giving you complete control of your freight management. Whether you are an internal service company, broker or trade shipping operator, Symphony Freight helps you to deliver your results, control trading and operational risks, and minimize data.

Freight Manager

Key functionalities

  • Fully-automated cost management
  • Multiple currencies
  • MTM capabilities
  • Automatic costs creation
  • Spot, COA and Time Charter contract management
  • Full contract search functionality
  • Scenarios evaluating market opportunities

Key benefits

  • Full control over contract lifecycles and flexible templates, reducing data entry time
  • Deviation analysis to fully understand the con sequences of voyage deviation
  • Evaluate multiple P/L strategies and conduct performance analysis, putting them in control of the demurrage desk
  • Full-featured general ledger interface