Amphora Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Stamford, CT - 19/09/17

Amphora, Inc., a key provider of commodity trading and risk management software solutions is pleased to announce that 2017 marks the company’s 20th Anniversary. Founded in 1997, Amphora has been able to maintain its leadership position by continuously evolving to meet the constant changing requirements of the vibrant and volatile global commodities marketplace.

“From the very beginning, providing extraordinary customer service has been our number one priority,” said Donald Levantin, Amphora’s CEO. “Our success is based on going beyond the software we develop to help our clients improve their current processes and solve critical business problems. Bigger doesn’t always mean better and at Amphora we focus on being better. This is a significant milestone for any company and we are proud to have been helping global commodity trading companies for twenty years.”

Over the 20 years that Amphora has been in business, there were many initiatives and notable accomplishments. Amphora’s Symphony CTRM started life as “ICTS” which stood for Integrated Commodity Trading System at Phibro Energy in 1991. ICTS was a 2 tier system with a NeXTSTEP (Unix) front end written in Objective-C and a Sybase database. “People often ask why we went with NeXTSTEP. It’s quite simple – Steve Jobs put together the best team possible, added our founder to the NeXT advisory board, and showed us the future!” recalls Ken Anderson, CTO Amphora.

In 1997, was formed (later renamed Amphora), launching ICTS on a long journey through a hybrid software environment to a full 3 tier modern package leveraging the best technologies available. Today, Amphora is again evolving our application suite to optimize User Experience (UX) as a top priority in our design process. With a renewed focus on UX, our customers are able to interact via the web and mobile with our proven and robust functionality in a simple and effective manner that exceeds others in the market.

Amphora has successfully evolved Symphony over this 20 year period from a modest internal system at Phibro into the leading CTRM in the market completely covering all aspects of our customers’ business. Our path of continuous evolution, rather than random reinvention, ensures our product caters for the changing business needs. Whether our customer is trading physical or financial commodities, requires comprehensive risk analytics or participates in complex logistics movements, Amphora has always provided the leading solution.

“Amphora is a very special place. We’ve been extremely fortunate and I’m very proud of the entrepreneurial culture that continues to exist throughout our organization.” said Levantin.


Amphora, Inc. is the premier software solution provider for commodity trading, logistics and risk management in the global crude oil, refined products, coal, metals, concentrates, agriculture and freight marketplace. Founded in 1997, Amphora’s team includes some of the most experienced software designers, developers and business analysts in the commodities industry today. Since inception, Amphora’s goal has been to provide the trading community with the most robust, user-friendly, enterprise-wide software package available along with world class customer attention and support.

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