Amphora contributes to open source code!

London, England - 02/10/19

At Amphora, we have been driving our products re-engineering roadmap to meet the ever challenging business and technological landscape. In a recent article, our CTO Sajindra Jayasena touched on the key challenges and how Amphora tries to address them. As part of our quest to build the best CTRM products in the market, we are eager to use the best tools as well as contribute back to the community, learn from others and continue to enhance. Adopting an open source strategy for our toolkit is key for us to engineer our products to be innovative, differentiating and market leading.

We are pleased to announce we recently released a new Python library under the Apache open source license: xarray-mongodb, which allows efficiently storing xarray objects in MongoDB in a Python-agnostic format.

Given the simplicity offered by xarray in working with and managing multi-dimensional, self-descriptive, and network-distributed vector data, this xarray-mongodb will provide performance and scale when it comes to handling large data sets – particularly as it can leverage MongoDB’s own sharding capabilities to work around I/O bottlenecks which are typical in highly parallel environments.

Documentation, binaries and source code can be found at


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