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Stamford, United States - 22/03/16

With a clear focus on the customer and the product first, the “New Amphora” builds on its strong foundation to introduce new products, new clients and new hires.

With thirty-dollar oil coupled with a rough commodities trading landscape challenging market participants, companies in the Commodity Trading and Risk Management (CTRM) space have reacted to this difficult environment in a variety of ways. Some have focused on M&A, others have sold to the highest Private Equity bidder and some have turned the focus of their product away from CTRM to completely new and different markets. Amphora chose a different route during this difficult period: A clear focus on serving clients while re-architecting and advancing its core product.

Like other market participants, Amphora touts itself as “The world’s leading provider of commodity trading and risk management systems”, but in reality that doesn’t describe Amphora. Amphora is “The world’s one-and-only customer-focused provider of trading and risk management systems.” Amphora is one of the original pioneers of the CTRM marketplace and has been providing systems that are the backbone for the trading operations for some of the world’s largest commodity firms for almost 20 years. “Amphora takes great pride in the relationships that we have with our clients. We are a company that is driven by strong ethics and we always strive to put our staff and our clients first”, says Don Levantin – CEO of Amphora.

Amphora is proud to announce that their client base has grown by almost 20% in 2015. “This is measured and sustainable growth, not growth for the sake of growth”, says Mr. Levantin. New clients include some of the major global commodity trading companies based in Asia, Europe and Americas.

“Amphora was committed to improving their solutions while keeping client needs as the core tenant of the organization“, noted Rick Nelson who joined the company recently as President. “Amphora’s traditional fundamentals and contemporary ideas are the right model for this industry.”

Lynn Lattimer joined Amphora’s management team when she took over the role as Global Head of Sales at the end of 2015. “Amphora has a customer-centric culture and a product that works. I am grateful to be part of a company like Amphora, it’s a company that people want to do business with”, said Ms. Lattimer.

Mr. Levantin concluded, “Amphora has the right team, the right product and some of the best clients in the commodity world. We look forward to an exciting 2016!”

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About Amphora

Amphora is the premier software solution provider for commodity trading, logistics and risk management in the global oil, refined, coal, ore, gas, power, metals, concentrates, agriculture and freight marketplace. Founded in 1997, Amphora provides software solutions designed and developed for companies in the field of commodity trading and risk management. Our team includes some of the most experienced software designers, developers and business analysts in the commodities industry today. Since our inception, our main goal has been to provide the trading community with the most robust, user-friendly, enterprise-wide software package available. Amphora continues to launch new products that address customers’ needs and adjust to dynamic market demands.


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