The Launch of Alchemy CTRM – A New Age For Concentrates Trading


Trading Concentrates with the use of a generic CTRM system forces users to guess and rely on silos of expertise with data scattered across spreadsheets. Alchemy is the solution the Concentrates industry has been waiting for.

Concentrates deals are traded mainly bi-laterally. As a result terms in the contract can change frequently. Being able to capture and display all these nuances within a CTRM not specifically designed for concentrates is impossible.

With its advanced features and ease of use, Alchemy optimizes the complexities of Concentrates trading, allowing complete front-to-back management of the trade lifecycle. Users can say goodbye to hours of manual data entry and hello to entering contracts within just 10 minutes!

Alchemy is complete with all the data maintained inside the system such as capturing a contract or execution with multiple brands, weights and assays with a complete set of data in a logical walk-through manner with no need for formulas, assumptions or approximations. Alchemy’s summary sections clearly display the trade contract, execution and parcel breakdown.

Amphora has produced a dynamic video e-magazine that explains the main benefits the platform offers, among a multitude of insightful content including challenges and risks of concentrates trading.

Amphora’s Head of Sales & Marketing, David Glasspool, said, “My message to anyone involved in the concentrates trading world is to flick through our latest e-magazine, or request a demo, take a look and try it on for size. It wont take you long to get whether it can help you or not, and whether it will be a major improvement versus what you currently use. Alchemy truly is the CTRM for concentrates offering speed, completeness and a user experience second to none.”